DesktopRTA: PC Audio Application

Desktop RTA Spectrum Analyser for PC

(UK Pounds) £49.95  (US Dollars) $74.95

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DesktopRTA is a real-time sound analyser for your PC with many features only found in much more expensive sound analysis software. DesktopRTA provides accurate graphical feedback suitable for amateur hi-fi enthusiasts, A/V engineers / installers and electricians.

DesktopRTA samples sounds from the input of your PC’s sound card and then applies a Fourier Transformation to the samples to obtain a frequency spectrum. The result is an accurate representation of the sampled sound broken down into its frequency components.

This version is a complete full screen PC version of our very successful PocketRTA program.

Manual: [HLP] DesktopRTA

Key Features:

  • 44Khz sampling allowing signals up to 22Khz to be measured
  • Full screen dual channel FFT display
  • Definable FFT size and sample frequency (Up to 32K samples)
  • Single channel spectrograph
  • Standard ANSI / IEC A and C weighting curves
  • Automatic noise cancellation
  • Automatic peak note / frequency and octave display
  • Narrow band Linear and Logarithmic scalable displays
  • Octave, 1/3 octave, 1/6 octave and 1/12 octave displays
  • Transfer Mode for comparing amplitude and phase response
  • SPL (Sound Pressure Level) display
  • 250x zoom for accurate analysis of narrow band data
  • Internal Signal Generator
  • Touch screen plotting of nearest point with frequency and decibel readout
  • Up to 64x averaging and smoothing to help stabilize the display
  • Peak trace facility for better reading of fluctuating frequencies
  • Selectable signal decay speeds
  • Selectable signal gain control
  • Pause facility freezes the live trace to aid analysis of data
  • Trace capture facility
  • ASCII Export of FFT’s (Left and Right channels plus traces)
  • Selectable Input channel

Linear and Logarithmic Displays
DesktopRTA allows display of both Logarithmic and Linear frequency response. The right-hand screenshot shows the abilityDesktopRTA Stereo Chase to display two simultaneous traces, one for the left channel and one for the right channel of the input signal. This is useful for monitoring stereo signals or if you want to compare input data against a known test signal.

The Transfer and Phase Display
The phase display can be used in conjunction with the transfDesktop RTA Transfer Phaseer display and shows the phase shift, or time difference in the measurement signal relative to the reference signal for each frequency.

Spectrograph Display
spectro_smA Spectrograph is a 3D representation of frequency/amplitude over time often used for analysing speech. The diagram below shows the display when a multi frequency sweep is applied to the input.

Octave and Sub Octave Display Modesdisp_oct6_smThese modes are similar to those found on a conventional spectrum analyser. This display breaks the frequency spectrum into ISO standard spaced bands.

Multi Trace

DesktopRTA MultiTraceDesktopRTA has the ability to capture and display up to 3 static traces for use with comparing input signals. Traces can be exported to SDF format for use in other PC applications.

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