Does iOS Recording spell the end of Indies needing to use a studio?

Indra Lesmana recording a track on his iPad

Indra Lesmana recording a track on his iPad

Meteor MultiTrack DAW for iPad[/caption]Mobile recording has come a long way in the last few years, not least with the uptake of the Apple iPad by Musicians. The range of music making apps available for the iPad give musicians an incredible music creation platform.

But with the range of multitrack recording Apps now available do Indies still need to fork out for Studio time or do they simply record their tracks on an iPad?

I know in countries like Brazil studio time is financially out of reach for most musicians and they have embraced mobile solutions to help get the music made but is this true in other countries.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Does iOS Recording spell the end of Indies needing to use a studio?

  1. Bands will always need studios for certain acoustical needs. Connectivity, CPU demands when streaming large chunks of audio, FX send return barely evident,while radically improving in iOS are simply not there yet, IMO…

    I see it as a different, and great, new frontier for composition and sound design development, a fantastic interface to the larger, more flexible routing capabilities we have in our project studios, and in the bigger studios.

    I feel there are quite a few iOS musicians who are still sifting through the “what is real, what is a toy” state that iOS is in. We cannot even try out all those cheap apps! There are no refund policies in place, and as yet it is still the Wild West as far as quality control. I am hooked, and feel capable of coming up with quality stuff right on the devices themselves, from tracking to mixing and even Mastering, and the sonic innovations are wonderful…

    But until Audiobus does not glitch with more than one effect in the signal chain, until there is greater awareness of what is possible and tenable with high definition audio, I think it is wise to keep the perspective a little grounded in the reality that seriously committed musicians and producers are not going to vacate their premises en masse just yet…

  2. The same question was asked back in the 90s with the advent of the DAW. There will be people who use studios and there will be people who use desktop/laptop DAWs, and there will be people who use mobile devices. It’s just an evolution of the exact same thing.

  3. Good response, Sean. Even though my statement sort of contradicts my actual work flow of late; I have been hooked on iOS stuff for a year now, and went crazy when Audiobus came out. A lot of studio snobs only are completely ignoring it all as “a bunch of toys”. They forget that the single most important thing about the creation of music is the music itself. The gear is, has always been, and always will be mere tools in the hands of artists…

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