Does iOS Recording spell the end of Indies needing to use a studio?

Indra Lesmana recording a track on his iPad

Indra Lesmana recording a track on his iPad

Meteor MultiTrack DAW for iPad[/caption]Mobile recording has come a long way in the last few years, not least with the uptake of the Apple iPad by Musicians. The range of music making apps available for the iPad give musicians an incredible music creation platform.

But with the range of multitrack recording Apps now available do Indies still need to fork out for Studio time or do they simply record their tracks on an iPad?

I know in countries like Brazil studio time is financially out of reach for most musicians and they have embraced mobile solutions to help get the music made but is this true in other countries.

What do you think?

Great iOS Mars Competition to win a Copy of Meteor Multitrack Recorder

iOS Mars Competition

Win a copy of Meteor Multitrack Recorder on iOS Mars

Great Competition on iOS Mars with Meteor Multitrack Recorder as the prize, so make sure you check it out. iOS Mars Meteor Competition

Its an awesome competition Write and record a song that captures the 90’s feel of rock music or 80’s feel of dance or pop music upload it to SoundCloud and submit a link to iOSMars.